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Creative Scotland, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, University of Hull, Cripplegate Foundation, Mildmay Community Partnership, Newington Green Action Group, Islington Council, Manchester Metropolitan University, Arts 4 All, Sure Start, Unitarian Church, Newington Green, The Royal Dutch Embassy, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (University of the Arts , London), Surrey University.

In Kind support SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, I-Dat Plymouth University, Decode digital productions, students, friends and colleagues!

Our Process

By developing a combination of live performance, installation and digital technologies, the company investigates the interface between live and mediated performance, audience and performer, location and history.

As a consequence of working on “location” a work style found on film/TV locations is a hallmark of Fragments & Monuments production design. The film crew follows the performers and audience as film crew and paparazzi might, to create an atmosphere of celebrity and ‘event’. Filmed performances are taken back to the original location and projected  onto buildings and large screens and broadcast using the internet.

Transhistorical presence, interactivity and public/private and  exterior/ interior spatial relationships can be found in all our work.

Fragments & Monuments aims

1. To create living monuments which reveal hidden stories of women’s achievements

2. To further the use of live performance,  film and other media operating in real and virtual time

3. To create, develop and further an ongoing relationship between the living monuments / central protagonist / location / local audience / global audience

4. To disseminate and share artistic practice and theoretical learnings with practitioners, academics and audiences as appropriate


Fragments & Monuments produces a unique form of location-based theatre.  Aiming to unearth and reactivate the stories of women’s achievement, Fragments & Monuments incorporates groundbreaking design and technology to transform otherwise hidden biographies into compelling multi-media performances.

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