The Wollstonecraft Live Experience!

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Fragments & Monuments proudly presents a limited edition of the art book – a few copies are still left to buy or you can request the beautiful PDF





Live Experience!

by Anna Birch and Taey Iohe

 This art book describes an artistic collaboration, the focus is on Anna and Taey as 21st century neighbours of 18th century pioneering feminist and writer, Mary Wollstonecraft.

The book captures and documents our creative work inspired by Wollstonecraft, including performance, film, photography, writing and gallery installations. This journey and our friendship took us from Newington Green, East London to South Africa, New York, USA and Seoul, South Korea.

The book is now republished in a very limited edition, in exactly the same physical dimensions as Wollstonecraft’s astonishing book, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, which was first published in 1792.

220 years later, The Wollstonecraft Live Experience! is held with an original of Wollstonecraft’s book in the Hackney Archive, East London; the cover of our homage is a print of the cover of hers.

The offer includes a free DVD with a bonus track from the fabulous Deidre Cartwright Trio playing at our summer picnic and live screening event on Newington Green. This invaluable dialogue with both feminist history and creative intervention is priced at only £19.99.


The Wollstonecraft Live Experience! (2011), written by Anna Birch and Taey Iohe, published by Fragments and Monuments, ISBN: 978-0-9568008-0-0 (English Book)

Fragments & Monuments is a Film and Performance Company based in Hackney, East London.

Artistic Director, Dr. Anna Birch, is a theatre and film director, writer, lecturer and researcher at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

 Taey Iohe is a visual artist, writer and researcher based in Seoul and London. She has shown her works at numerous exhibitions and is currently a PhD candidate at University College Dublin

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