A Pageant of Great Women

Fragments and Monuments groundbreaking film and performance company presents

Directed by Anna Birch

‘POP UP’ suffragette block buster  re-make
premiere Hull May 2011
planned national and international tour

A Pageant of Great Women, originally directed by Edith Craig, fits between Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, Caryl Churchill’s  Top Girls,  Eve Ensler ‘s Vagina Monologues and Nic Green’s Trilogy. Come and celebrate this wonderful historic moment and the achievements of women in a theatrical and entertaining ‘pageant’. Women from history provide the evidence in a  ’court case’  to demonstrate the energy and commitment required to survive as a woman in today’s world.

Fragments & Monuments re-make this great play for an international and local audience to celebrate 100 years of The Pioneers Players.

Participate in the procession of Great Women and become a part of the film.

Send a photograph of your favourite great woman to
director@fragmentsandmonuments.com photographs will be displayed at www.flickr.com/photos/fragmentsandmonuments/ <http://www.flickr.com/photos/fragmentsandmonuments/

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