Fragments & Monuments
is a multi-media performance company supported by Islington Council, Newington Green Action Group, SureStart, Mildmay Community Partnership, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Unitarian Chapel, Newington Green, London, U.K.

Angels : Mary and Bill Birch, Michael and Marlene Fine, Geraldine James

Please find our letter to Fragments & Monuments ‘Angels’ below. If you would like to participate in this scheme to support Wollstonecraft Live!


Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), author of Vindication of the Rights of Woman and mother of Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein) is making the film of her life.We are inviting you to help fund this film as Mary is very short of cash.

Anna Birch, Artistic Director of Fragments and Monuments is producing their largest scale work to date. Written by Kaethe Fine, WOLLSTONECRAFT LIVE! is a site-specific, live performance focusing on the lives, loves and fragmentations of Mary Wollstonecraft. We are very honoured that Mary is allowing us to show some scenes from her autobiographical, Hollywood bio-pic-in-progress during our performances.

Saturday 16 September 6.30pm (doors 6pm) picnic and live music, 8.30 film screening on Newington Green, London N16

In an attempt to find a way of providing for herself and her sister, Wollstonecraft opened a school on Newington Green in Islington with her sister Eliza and her friend Fanny Blood. When the plan failed because she had to take a job as a companion for a very snooty family for additional cash, leaving the care of the school in the hands of her unstable sister, her determination to live unencumbered as a writer increased and she went on to write many books. But it was in Newington Green where Mary had her first spiritual and intellectual home.

Newington Green was a centre for Radical Dissenters (as Dissenters were not permitted to live within the City of London) and famous among their number was Dr. Richard Price who was minister of the Dissenting chapel there. Price was at the centre of a group of free-thinking radicals who had gathered in this area. Among them, William Godwin, who became Mary¡¯s lover and husband, and the father of Mary Shelley. Unfortunately just ten days after the birth of their daughter Mary died at the age of 38.

But Wollstonecraft¡¯s back! And you can help her raise funds to make this film. She needs any and all of the following:


Wollstonecraft¡¯s costume £350
Wollstonecraft¡¯s wig £75
Godwin¡¯s shoes £25
Godwin¡¯s wig £50
Costume hire Richard Price £250

Film lights £100 per lamp
Theatrical lights £50 per lamp

Specially composed musical score £500 per share (up to 5 shares)
Specially commissioned script £5,000
Scenographic and dramaturgical interpretation £1000 per share (up to 5 shares)
Special effects £250

Subsistence for actors and extras £450
Web site design and maintenance £2,500

Graphic design £450

Camera operators £750
Camera Hire £1,500
C18 th food and candles £350
Transport £350
Make up and hair £250

Please tick the item(s) you want to fund and send your cheque made payable to : Fragments and Monuments, 117 Milton Grove, London N16 8QX

All Wolstonecraft Live! supporters will be receive a special invitation to the outdoor screening on Saturday 16 September, 6.30 Newington Green where they will be given a special picnic hamper to celebrate Mary’s most recent project.

With best wishes,

Anna Birch PhD



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