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The director's intention for Wollstonecraft Live! is to bring Mary Wollstonecraft back to Newington Green. Mary Wollstonecraft lived and worked on the Green and in the same way as Gilbert and George (visual artists living and working in East London) can be seen walking around North East London, Mary Wollstonecraft can now re-visit Newington Green and its community in 2005.

By bringing the past into the present through script, costume, location and audience participation, Fragments & Monuments conjures up the life and times of this spectacular woman of achievement. By mixing live performance with video and film the boundary between Wollstonecraft 's 18th century life and our own lives is explored, allowing the audience and local community to experience two centuries simultaneously. By linking Mary Wollstonecraft's life to ours a new opportunity is created to see ourselves and her differently.

'Hermione Eyre review in Independent on Sunday, Talk of the Town (25 September 2005):

'Mother of feminism reborn in triplicate. Wollstonecraft makes for a great multimedia heroine. Long may she live!'

Prof. Lesley Ferris article of Fragments of a Life: Performing History in Newington Green, Theatre Forum. November (2005):

'By bringing 'this active restless spirit' back to Newington Green and by continuing to re-play this performace, they hope to create a monument to this mazing woman.'

Sophia Lycouris’ review of Di’s Midsummer Night Party (2001):

‘Past and present are superimposed onto each other, an editing technique which maps the present moment onto the history of the site, subjectivity onto context : the canvas of the site is used to dive into issues of contemporary culture.’ - LIVE ART MAGAZINE issue 36

David Cockaynes review of Lovely Stones (1998):

‘...the whole event had a verve and edge which so much theatre sadly lacks, even that performed in unconventional theatre spaces.‘- ABTT Update

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